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Sleep Disorders Specialist · Clinical Psychologist

Tracy F Kuo, PhD

Dr. Kuo provides sleep medicine services and psychological services.  Some common issues for which patients seek her consultation are listed below. 


Dr. Kuo sees patients of all ages for sleep disorders and sleep-loss related daytime problems. Both issues often have multiple contributors. She is experienced in managing a full spectrum of sleep disorders, including insomnia, those of primarily medical/pathophysiologic etiologies (e.g. sleep apnea) , circadian-rhythm disorders, co-existing with psychiatric conditions, psychological and behavioral factors, and developmental issues.

Sleep Disorders Evaluation, Management, and Consultation

Dr. Kuo provides individual psychotherapy to adults and teens (ages 11 and older).

Dr. Kuo specializes in assessing neurocognitive functions that are adversely impacted by poor sleep/sleep loss in adults.  Testing usually includes administering a battery of standardized instruments and assessing both cognitive and psychological status.  The goal of assessment is to determine individual’s relative strengths and weaknesses and plan treatment

Neuropsychological Assessment