American Insomnia Association (AIA)


A patient-based organization that is dedicated to assisting and providing resources to individuals who suffer from insomnia.


Sleep Disorders Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Tracy F Kuo, PhD

National Sleep Foundation (NSF)

The National Sleep Foundation is dedicated to improving public health and safety by achieving understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, and by supporting education, sleep-related research, and advocacy.

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The following websites are useful resources to find out more about sleep disorders, general information about sleep, and for seeking evaluation for sleep disorders.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a professional membership organization dedicated to assure quality care for patients with sleep disorders, promote the advancement of sleep research and provide public and professional education. by AASM

To find a American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited sleep center near your area. by AASM


This website provides latest news and research development in sleep medicine.



National Institute of Health MedlinePlus Sleep Disorders Site


Latest news and general information about sleep and sleep disorders.


National Institute of Health, Health Information Website


A-Z index of NIH health resources, clinical trials, MedlinePlus, health hotlines

Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic


An AASM accredited sleep disorders clinic with a multi-disciplinary team of sleep disorders specialists for patient care. It has a 8-bed laboratory facility for sleep studies. The clinic is also an established accredited program for sleep medicine training, and has very active and broad range of sleep research studies.



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